The feel of sugar-white sand between your toes, the breeze from the Gulf whispering secrets, and the ocean waves lull is not a fantasy.

It is a reality waiting for you girls in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Alabama coast is captivating and offers a relaxing, adventurous and memorable experience. It is an ideal getaway for you and your besties.

Planning & setting the stage for fun

A flawless getaway requires meticulous planning. If you plan to visit Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, you will find options to suit every budget and taste. 


From charming cottages nestled amongst coastal foliage to beachfront condos, you are spoiled in terms of rental range

By owner vacation rental is an excellent option for a girl’s getaway. They are more affordable for a friendly retreat, and the comfort level appeals to a group of girls wishing to enjoy quality time together in a private setting. 

Emerald Coast by Owner is a platform designed to help you find a suitable vacation home with fantastic views. You can negotiate rates directly, and the booking process is simple. 

Consider the purpose your besties group is going for – cosy beachfront living or luxurious pampering. Ensure to involve your girlfriends and choose one accordingly.

Craft your itinerary

Decide the level or type of experience you crave. 

  • Does your group want to bask on the beach with cocktails every day?
  • Are they yearning for adventures like kayak expeditions or dolphin cruises?

Understanding your priorities will help you craft an itinerary to keep everyone happy.

Choose the season

The Alabama Coast has a delightful year-round climate.

  • Spring and fall temperatures are impeccable for outdoor activities.
  • Summer involves vibrant festivals and beach-basking bliss.
  • Winter is cooler, ideal for cosy nights, and you can explore the charming local towns.

Activities for everyone in the group

You have chosen the accommodation, purpose, and season to visit. It is time to explore the activities you and your girls can enjoy.

Beach bliss

Undoubtedly, a beach trip is a way to spend lazy afternoons soaking in the sun, building sandcastles, and reliving childhood, as well as go for a refreshing swim in the tempting crystal-clear waters.

Adventure for thrill seekers

The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offer many water sports for thrill-seekers. You can –

  • Rent jet skis to feel the adrenaline rush
  • Explore the vibrant marine world with a snorkelling or diving excursion
  • Test your balance with a paddleboarding adventure.

Dolphin-watching cruises

Dolphins are majestic creatures that leave people awestruck with their playful antics. When your boat glides across the water, keep your eyes peeled for the flash of fin breaking the surface. Their graceful leaps in the air and playful spins are lovely as they swim alongside your vessel. 

Dolphins are intelligent and curious creatures. You may even see a mother nurturing her calf, which is a visually stunning and heart-warming experience. Dolphins even have protective instincts like your besties. 

Close friends often stand up for one another. Similarly, dolphins are seen protecting vulnerable pod members and young from potential threat. 

Shopping splurge

Indulge in a shopping spree at The Wharf in Orange Beach. This huge complex offers a mix of branded stores, local boutiques, art galleries, and open-air eateries. It is a perfect place for satisfying those shopping cravings. 

Relax with a cocktail

Unwind and reconnect with your girls over a delightful cocktail at the world-famous Flora-Bama bar. The tavern is situated on the Alabama-Florida border. 

The bar offers live music, delicious drinks and a contagious fun atmosphere, making it a must-visit for a unique Gulf Shores experience. 

Know the culture

Explore Fort Morgan, a historic Civil War Fort guarding Mobile Bay. Imagine walking in the soldiers’ footsteps. Stand on the parapet and imagine the fierce nettle that raged here in the past.

At the Orange Beach Indian & Sea Museum, discover the fascinating story of the natives who settled on this land for ages. Explore the displays showcasing their tools, weapons, and pottery. 

It will give you an idea of how they lived and their deep connection with the sea. You will gain a newfound appreciation for this region’s culture. 

Release your inner artist

Book a pottery class at the Hot Shop or Clay Studio in the Coastal Arts Centres. Enjoy the learning curve with your besties, and remember those college days. Every girl can create and share a unique glass piece with other besties. It is a souvenir that will remind everyone about this getaway trip. 

Explore beyond the beaches

When you venture beyond the shores, you will discover many hidden gems.

Gulf State Park

Gulf State Park is in Alabama’s Southern Baldwin County.  The public recreation centre was established in 1939.

It is the largest park that stretches across 6,500 acres and encompasses several ecosystems, including freshwater swamps, beaches, sand dunes, and marine forests. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy at the park. 

OWA Parks & Resort

The drive from Alabama beaches to Foley is short, where you will find the OWA Parks & Resort. It is an entertainment destination spread across 520 acres of land. It is a must-visit place to experience ultimate thrills and relaxation during your girl’s getaway.

Tropic Falls is a massive waterpark with 23 rides indoors and outdoors. From relaxing lazy drives to heart-pounding rollercoasters, OWA includes everything. Your girls’ group can also enjoy the outdoor wave pool to catch some waves. 

Downtown OWA is a pedestrian-only area offering the tourists live entertainment venues, restaurants, and local shops. After the all-day long excitement and thrills at Tropic Fall, you can go downtown to relax, have a meal and buy souvenirs. 

After dark delights

In the evening, as the sky starts to darken and the stars appear, you can spend time with your besties around a bonfire on the beach. Eat delicious smores telling some funny stories and laughing together. 

Relaxing under the stars with your besties is a great experience. You can even go to a beachfront restaurant and enjoy delicious local delicacies, while watching the spectacular views.  Raise your glass and toast to friendship!


A girls’ getaway to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is more than just a vacation. It is a chance to reconnect with your beloved friends, and create lasting memories. 

The magic of your girl’s tour at one of the best Gulf Coast rentals will leave you glowing!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2024